Fall in love before NOT FADE AWAY closes on Valentine’s Day!

What a delight to have been invited to show a group of superbly crafted unique urns and personal memorial art at the popular Sebastopol Center for the Arts, not far from our own gallery but a well-trafficked venue for visitors who are just discovering us now! With more than 30 beautiful objects installed on our own pedestals and Nicholas Kripal’s gorgeous Reliquary Image
for St. Joseph
a compelling centerpiece, NOT FADE AWAY offers surprises and helpful cues to how artist-made urns, sculpture and mementos can stand in for each of us, reflecting something of our character and own eye for beauty, when we’re no longer here to speak for ourselves. 

We know by their questions and comments that the dozen members of the American Association of University Women who scheduled a tour and discussion of this exhibition with us a week or so ago were inspired by what they saw that day. We imagine they’ll keep the conversation going and we’re grateful for that. In meeting them, I recalled one visitor to the gallery who could have been part of this group too, who on leaving said, “How often in your adult life do you learn something that is entirely new to you, that you’ve never even thought of before?” 


A view into Gallery III and a separate exhibition of carved wood Buddhas, monks and sacred figures by Zoshi Takayuki. Superb!
Photo by Maureen Lomasney

How lovely and encouraging it is to find that regardless of what we think we know, there will always be something new to surprise and delight us just around the corner (such as visitors to the art center will find around the corner looking into the neighboring exhibition by Spirit Carver Zoshi Takayuki.)


NOT FADE AWAY remains open through February 14, 2014 at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 252 N. High Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472. Hours are 10 am – 4 pm, Tuesday-Friday and 1 – 4 pm Saturday. If you would like a special tour of the exhibition for your group, please call 707 829 1966 or email arthonorslife@funeria.com. We’d love to meet you there!




Unless noted, photos were taken by our friend and neighbor John F. Martin.



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