FUNERIA’s exhibitions, here and elsewhere, attest to the cultural, social, economic, spiritual and emotional importance of artists whose imagination and skill rise above the norm. Their work today, as it has throughout time, shows us how art honors life.

In these posts you’ll find announcements, images and updates for FUNERIA Elsewhere™. These are the exciting occasions when we’re invited to install pieces from our gallery, Portfolio and exhibitions in other venues.

If, on behalf of your own interests or others, you’d like to host a thoughtfully curated installation of uniquely beautiful contemporary funerary artworks that are hand made by any of the more than 80 artists we are proud to represent, let us know. We’re eager to share the beauty, to stimulate greater interest in a genre that FUNERIA has championed since 2000, and to create welcoming environments in which end-of-life conversations flow easily and award-winning cremation urns can be acquired and commissioned.

Here’s to your beautiful life!

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